Design and Engineering

The innovation that we show case in our products is testament to our understanding of aviation. When we produced the world’s smallest Mode S general aviation transponder, we thought it would be a best seller. The transponder’s built in altitude encoder and compact components have allowed pilots to fly with fully compliant Mode S/ADS-B equipment where previously this was impossible.

Successes like these are based upon the skills of the Trig’s design and engineering team. Efficient software creation combined with engineering expertise results in unique, high performance avionics. Our lead in technologies such as ADS-B has put us at the forefront of the avionics industry. Interest from defence, surveillance and the commercial sector reflects the growing acknowledgement from others that Trig is an important source of avionics technology for tomorrow’s aviation needs.

Rt. Hon. Alistair Darling M.P. – “Trig is dedicated to manufacturing high value technology products that have taken on the world.”

Manufacturing, Quality and Customer Service

Taking a product from design to delivery in the aviation sector is a tough challenge. The level of international approvals, certification and auditing involved is extremely comprehensive. As a company we aim to secure the most up to date and stringent certification standards, selecting the best suppliers who are ISO9001 and AS9100 approved.

This helps to explain our impressive track record of gaining certification for all our products. We have exacting in house quality control mechanisms to ensure component traceability and the highest standards of procurement, manufacture and quality control throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. We are certified to EASA AP205 and NL.21G.2389 for production.

Our manufacturing takes place in the Netherlands. We have fully approved Part 21 Subpart G aviation manufacturing facilities. This allows us to ensure that at any stage of the process we can check, test and verify the necessary quality of our products.

Precision products are backed by our solid commitment to great customer service. We support customers through our established worldwide Approved Trig Dealer network. Customers can buy products and get advice from avionics experts who are knowledgeable dealers and installers.

On those rare occasions when a repair is required we pride ourselves on fixing and returning any faulty products within days. Our support network will usually provide an immediate ‘service exchange’ on faulty products, so you’re never grounded. Trig is a registered maintenance organisation (licensed to UK.145.01123 and NL.145.1389) we support dealers and customers via our established in house team.

Our Trig Support Team fields e-mail enquiries and customer calls, varied in nature but always offering friendly and expert advice. Our reputation is vitally important to us, so it’s no surprise that customer service and customer satisfaction is a top Trig priority.