Buy a Trig TY96 or TY97 and claim a free David Clark Headset

March 1, 2019

Trig has announced a time limited promotion for UK and European customers of its TY96 and TY97 slimline 8.33 VHF radios.

Customers who purchase from their participating Approved Trig Dealer during the promotion will be able to claim a free David Clark H10-13.4 Headset worth € 390.

The TY96 has become the 8.33 radio of choice for numerous pilots, at a height of only 33mm it can be easily accommodated in both GA and LSA aircraft panels. The TY96 radio has many pilot friendly features that include; a superior display and user interface, a customisable frequency database, a built in two place stereo intercom and the popular ‘Say Again’ feature. This allows the re-play of the last received radio transmission – it is great for novice and experienced pilots alike!

Jon Roper, Marketing Manager at Trig said, “We know that customers in Europe, particularly in places like France are still equipping with 8.33. This is a great opportunity to get a free David Clark Headset. This is a proven and tough headset – popular with pilots around the globe – just like Trig. If you need to go 8.33, then the TY96 is the stack radio to buy! Pilots should contact their participating Approved Trig Dealer now, this is a time limited offer so order your TY96 or TY97 radio today.”

The promotion requires customers to purchase their radio and apply online. The application process will require customer and dealer information, for shipping and proof of purchase. Once validated, a David Clark H10-13.4 Headset will be sent to the customers participating dealer. Applicants will need to either collect the headset from their participating dealer or agree to pay standard shipping (for delivery to their home address). Promotional conditions can be found on Trig’s headset-offer web page.