Certification security makes Trig a top choice

March 11, 2019

Investing in avionics for your aircraft is a serious business. Having confidence in your equipment choice is a vital part of your purchasing decision.

Trig Avionics makes avionics products that meet exacting standards – certified by the European Aircraft Safety Agency and suitable for installation across the world. “At the moment there is some political uncertainty regarding future UK and European certification, however Trig is an excellent choice that can be made in confidence, despite these concerns” said Trig CEO Andy Davis.

Last year Trig Avionics established an operation in the Netherlands. Andy Davis shared, “Our Dutch office enhances our service to all European customers and secures the certification and supply of Trig products to customers world-wide.” As a result, potential certification restrictions that might have been a challenge will not affect Trig products. Trig’s final product assembly, testing and EASA certification will take place in the Netherlands, removing all these risks. Trig in Edinburgh remains the main research and development centre for Trig’s innovative products. The company uses UK suppliers and British engineering expertise.

For existing Trig customers, with products already installed in their aircraft, then these units are unaffected. Customers do not have to worry about the validity of their installation. Trig products ship with either an EASA Form 1 or an FAA 8130 certificate and this paperwork will remain valid for the life of the product.

Andy Davis added, “We understand that pilots and customers feel anxious about aviation regulations right now. With our certification secure I can assure customers that Trig will continue to be an excellent and logical choice in any cockpit.”