Cub Restoration – why ‘Fly With The Guys’ choose Trig

June 30, 2023

‘Fly With The Guys’ the popular YouTube channel, with over 100,000 subscribers.

A great community for pilots and those interested in learning to fly. Carl Hancock, the host of ‘Fly With The Guys’ is currently restoring one of the most popular private aircraft of all time, the J3 Piper Cub. When it came to avionics Carl required something compact and lightweight, which lead him to Trig, one of the most popular compact avionics brands available today.

Carl selected the compact TT22 Mode S transponder and TY91 VHF radio. Taking minimal panel space, Trig is an established solution in lightweight and general aviation, or as Carl said “It’s such a tiny radio with all the bells and whistles, the radio works perfectly!”. Like many homebuilders, Carl took advantage of the flexible installation created by having a separate control head back box. He created a radio tray and mounted the back boxes in a secure housing behind the pilot seat in the Cub.

Trig is happy to support the restoration of J3 Cub ‘Red Rocket’. Marketing Manager Jon Roper said. “Numerous pilots and aircraft owners appreciate the benefits of Trig. Customers are surprised that despite their compact size, these are certified devices. Trig’s TY91 has now been installed in Red Rocket – The Trig TT22 Mode S transponder is next, with a TN72 GPS and TA70 antenna. This provides a 2020 mandate approved ADS-B Out solution for any experimental, homebuilt or light-sport aircraft. Carl is a great advocate of introducing people to aviation and what it takes to learn to fly, build or restore an aircraft.”

Viewers can also watch Carl plan his panel, install these avionics and get excited with the results

Visitors to EAA Air Venture will be able to meet Carl Hancock at the Trig Avionics stand in Hanger C/3130 on Wednesday the 26th of July between 11:00hrs and 12:00hrs.

Further videos will be shared by Carl, his Trig installations will include Trig pre-made wiring harnesses and antennas for a complete and trouble free home installation experience.

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