Get a $500 FAA Rebate towards ADS-B

September 13, 2016

From this month aircraft owners in North America will be able to apply for a rebate of $500 towards their ADS-B installation, funded by the FAA’s Rebate Scheme.

Smart pilots can save significantly more money by being aware of the merits of fitting a Trig Avionics ADS-B transponder. Trig’s TT31 transponder is the class leading retro-fit choice for pilots with legacy transponders such as the Bendix King KT76A, KT76C and KT78A. The TT31 is a ‘plug and play’ Mode S replacement for these models. With the latest software ADS-B can then be added using the existing tray, with a simple configuration of the serial ports to accommodate a GPS input.

“As long as the original wiring is in good condition a Trig installation can genuinely save time and money.”

Jon Roper, Trig’s Marketing Manager said, “When looking at the cost of ADS-B additional savings start with our TT31 transponder, it’s faster to install and uses the airplane’s existing antenna and altitude encoder. As long as the original wiring is in good condition a Trig installation can genuinely save time and money.”

An ADS-B install also requires a compliant position source, here Trig scores again. Jon shared “Trig customers with either a Garmin WAAS GNS or GTN Navigator can use this equipment with our transponders to become ADS-B Out compliant. Replacing a legacy BK unit and using your existing Garmin WAAS Navigator is amongst the least disruptive install on the market. Customers should calculate the additional savings they could make by comparing a Trig installation against other options.

Trig Avionics are experts in ADS-B they were the first company to achieve FAA TSO-C166b, the latest standard for ADS-B. The company also has a comprehensive STC program, the TT31 FAA ADS-B STC covers over 650 airplane types. Trig also offers a small compact transponder called the TT22, ideal where panel space is tight. This transponder is also ADS-B capable with a comprehensive FAA ADS-B STC covering over 576 airplane types. Customers who purchase Trig get free access to their STC paperwork via the Trig Approved Dealer network.

There are only 20,000 rebate awards available so pilots are advised to get organised and plan their application and ADS-B install now. The FAA Rebate Scheme is open to U.S. registered aircraft that are fixed wing piston types. Installed equipment must be TSO certified. Information about the FAA’s ADS-B Rebate Scheme can be found at