Improve your flight safety with Trig

February 25, 2021

Most pilots agree, no matter what you fly, the pleasure and rewards of aviation are unique.

However, flying has a dark side – the threat of mid-air collision. Trig equipment can help, by improving your aircraft’s visibility every time you fly. Today, more pilots are installing Trig’s Mode S and ADS-B Out equipment. This electronically transmits your visibility to others – benefiting pilot and passenger safety. Fatal collisions do occur, but fitting ADS-B Out significantly reduces that risk.

“Data shows a near five-fold increase in the number of risk incidents within general aviation”

Tragically, this month in Victoria Australia two GA planes collided. The weather was good, but cloud may have partially obscured the visibility of each aircraft before they fatally collided. In the UK in 2017 a similar fatal collision, in clear skies, claimed the lives of four pilots in a C152 and Cabri G2 helicopter. The official AAIB Bulletin stated, “There are considerable and well understood limitations to ‘see and avoid’ and there was no evidence to suggest that the occupants of either aircraft had seen each other in time to avoid a collision.” AAIB Bulletin 11/2018.

Making your aircraft visible to others using Mode S 1090ES, is regarded as best practice. This means operating with a Mode S transponder that meets TSO-C166b with a certified GPS. In 2019 the CAA published AIC Y141/2019, this encouraged pilots to fit Mode S and ADS-B Out equipment. Trig meets these criteria, with transponders that have the power output, range and visibility to be seen by all ADS-B In traffic receivers. Trig’s fixed installation has better performance from an external antenna, it also just works as soon as you turn on your master switch – giving other pilots the chance to ‘see and avoid’ your aircraft.

Aircraft near misses are also a growing threat – the UK Airprox Board monitors the number of ‘risk bearing’ and ‘near collision’ incidents. The last 10 years of data shows a near five-fold increase in the number of risk incidents within general aviation, despite fewer hours being flown. This underlines the importance of taking preventative action by adopting Trig technology.

Jon Roper Trig Marketing Manager said, “All pilots can benefit from the added safety and security of fitting Trig’s Mode S and ADS-B Out products. Using equipment, like the TN72 GPS is an affordable upgrade to a Trig transponder. We now also offer a TT21/TN72 Conspicuity Bundle, making it easier for new customers to get a complete ADS-B Out solution in one box.”

For pilots in the UK, the CAA’s Conspicuity Rebate Scheme has been extended until September 2021. This allows a rebate of £250 towards the cost of an ADS-B Out system. Further details of the CAA scheme are available here

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