See you at AERO Friedrichshafen

April 15, 2022

The Trig team will return to Aero Friedrichshafen – Europe’s premier aviation show.

Aero was cancelled twice due to Covid, so the return of this important annual event is even more significant in 2022. Jon Roper, Trig Marketing Manager said, “The whole team are genuinely excited to be able to return to Friedrichshafen Messe, to meet customers and demonstrate the benefits of Trig products.”

The show runs from the 27-30th of April, with numerous light and GA aviation aircraft models on display. Aircraft owners and pilots can visit the Trig stand, A5 – 501 to see which Trig stack and compact products will suit their new or existing aircraft. Trig products provide genuine advantages in form factor, ease of installation and superior functionality. Trig’s range of Mode S and ADS-B Out capable transponders, VHF 8.33 radios, audio panels and GPS equipment provide the best mix of features, quality, and value.

“We will be delighted to speak to pilots at the show about the safety benefits of ADS-B”

Jon Roper shared, “In the last two years in Europe there has been a move towards installing ADS-B Out technology to existing Trig transponders. By adding a suitable GPS position source to a Trig transponder, aircraft owners become electronically visible – using ADS-B Out technology. Other aircraft equipped with a traffic receiver can then ‘see and avoid’ creating a safer aviation environment for all. Trig’s highly affordable TN72 GPS Position Source is a smart upgrade for any European pilots operating with a Trig transponder. We will be delighted to speak to pilots at the show about the safety benefits of ADS-B.”

Aircraft owners will also be able to see the TX56 Nav/Com at Aero. This is not yet available but will provide Trig customers with an avionics stack option that saves considerable space, when compared to conventional alternatives.

Trig products have a range of unique and user-friendly features that are part of their ‘Better by Design’ philosophy. Jon Roper said, “We warmly welcome all aircraft owners to see us at the show. We have missed the opportunity to help pilots make an informed choice about their avionics. Happily, new customers will be in great company, as many pilots have already discovered the benefits of flying with Trig.”