TN72 GPS Receiver – launched at Flyer Live

December 1, 2016

Trig Avionics, experts in ADS-B have announced their new TN72 GPS receiver at the Flyer Show in Telford.

ADS-B is the latest surveillance technology that allows pilots to broadcast their position to other suitably equipped aircraft. Improving an aircraft’s electronic visibility by using  ADS-B reduces the risk of collision and directly improves pilot safety.

The TN72 GPS receiver is a fully certified product (FAA TSO-C199) designed for voluntary equipage and use in areas outside of designated or mandated ADS-B airspace. Glider, light sport and general aviation pilots can all enhance their safety by connecting a TN72 position source to their existing Trig transponder. Once configured, the TN72 GPS receiver provides precise and reliable data with non-zero quality indicators. This technical standard supports current and future air to air collision avoidance and situational awareness applications. TN72 certification is based upon an FAA standard known as Traffic Awareness Beacon System or TABS for short. In contrast to uncertified position sources the TN72 is more dependable and is visible to all types of ADS-B In traffic receivers.

In Europe Trig’s earlier involvement in EASA’s Project EVA has proved the value of ADS-B traffic technology. This initiative inspired the development of the compact TN72 which weighs only 110 grams and is easy to install. It is ideal for GA collision avoidance in European VFR airspace. In Australia and New Zealand the TN72 meets the needs of pilots who want to be visible outside of mandated air space. In North America glider pilots can voluntarily fit ADS-B and powered pilots can use the TN72 to trigger ADS-B traffic information from ground stations (outside of designated ADS-B airspace).

Trig’s Marketing Manager Jon Roper said, “All pilots can benefit from the enhanced visibility that ADS-B provides. The TN72 GPS receiver fitted to a Trig transponder makes this both viable and cost effective, for voluntary equipage. Fitting a certified product like the TN72 is a sound investment when GA regulations for ADS-B continue to evolve. Most importantly it makes flight in busy skies safer for both pilots and passengers.”

Trig also offers the TA70, a TSO-C190 antenna solution which is ordered separately (but other appropriate GPS antennas can also be used). Trig expects that these new products will be available to ship in Q2 2017 via the Approved Dealer network.