Nigel Lamb winning with Trig

March 4, 2016

The Red Bull Air Race has become established as probably the toughest and most competitive international aerobatics competition in the world.

Former Red Bull pilot, Nigel Lamb became world champion in a nail biting competition that literally went to the wire. Trig has been part of Nigel’s avionics fit for a number of years, he first selected a Trig transponder back in 2010 to take on the world’s top pilots.

In world class competition aerobatics both man and machines have to be at the optimum weight to compete. Nigel lost 12lb to achieve his best possible performance.  His plane shed enough weight to be at a minimum race weight and was fitted with a TT21 lightweight transponder. The TT21 made his plane, an MXS lighter and faster.

“I used the TT21 because it is so lightweight. It is significantly lighter than anything on the market. I’ve then decided to fit two TY91 Trig radios – this gave me a back up com and saved vital space and weight over my previous VHF installation.”

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship features the world’s best race pilots in an air race sports competition. It combined speed, precision and skill where pilots reach speeds of 370km/h flying less than 20 metres from the ground.

Nigel has won 12 Aerobatic titles at National and International level, represented Great Britain in 5 team events and won the British National Unlimited Title for 8 consecutive years. Lamb has also worked as a movie stunt pilot.

Nigel retired in 2016 but retains his passion for aviation and he is certain Trig will feature in his next aviation endeavour. We wish him well in his retirement, he now has even more time to pursue his love of flying – in whatever form that takes.