PAL-V takes to the road, with Trig

November 18, 2020

The technological buzz, on the future aviation horizon, includes air-taxi and fan driven platforms.

However, far fewer companies are aiming to fully embrace the dream of the flying car. The exception is PAL-V. This Dutch based team has secured regulatory approval for road use for their flying car, called Liberty. Every Liberty flight relies upon Trig’s communication and surveillance products, installed in the cockpit.

Robert Dingemanse CEO and Co-Founder at PAL-V said, “The PAL-V design team have produced a flying car that will achieve regulatory approval and be commercially viable. The Liberty offers the reality of genuine ‘door-to-door’ travel. This has been the dream of aviation for 100 years – in our view this in the ultimate freedom.”

PAL-V selected Trig as their radio and transponder of choice, Dingemanse said, “Trig’s lightweight and compact size together with their positive partnership, were key decision drivers for us. The Trig radio and transponder are easy to use, have innovative features, all these were important factors.”

Each PAL-V is equipped with a Trig TT21 Mode S transponder and a TY91 compact radio, to provide enhanced visibility and occupant safety. PAL-V see their customer as the adventurous and entrepreneurial type. Dingemanse said “A person who values travel efficiency and wants to enjoy the journey will buy the Liberty. It will make hard to reach locations accessible. Driving from Geneva to Cannes, normally takes five and a half hours. But with a Liberty you can be at the beach within three hours.” PAL-V also expects the Liberty will have a professional role, for Coast Guard, First Responder, and Inspection flights.

On the road the PAL-V Liberty achieves 0-60mph in under 9 seconds, with a top road speed of 100 mph. PAL-V claim it handles well and is stable in corners and poor weather. In the air it can fly at 112 mph, with an effective range of over 300 miles. The Liberty flies like a gyroplane, which PAL-V claim is one of the easiest and safest ways of flying. The recent achievement for the team is regulatory approval for road use. However, the PAL-V proof of concept first flew on 6 March 2012, so the team already has extensive flight-test experience.

With great visibility and flying characteristics the PAL-V Liberty makes a London to Paris journey a reality.                                                        The price of a Liberty starts at € 299K, with more expensive options available. The first Liberty delivery is expected in 2022.