‘Stack Bundle’

A Trig stack will save space, weight and money – a winning combination for any aircraft owner!

Our ‘stack bundle’ includes a TMA44 Audio Panel, slimline TX56A Nav/Com, a TY96A VHF Com Radio and a TT31 Mode S Transponder. These avionics not only look great in the panel – they are also easy to use, with unique pilot friendly features.

TX56A Product Review

Find out how the TX56A Nav/Com compares to the competition

Download a US Letter TX56A Product Review 

Download a A4 TX56 Product review 

Download a US Letter Panel Poster or A4 Panel Postersee these avionics ‘to scale’ on your panel

All individual stack products are shown on our products page with related product videos

Take off with Trig

A Trig stack saves at least 20mm (¾ of an inch) in height, and nearly 1kg (2.2lbs) in weight – when compared to the industry standard.

Fly with Trig and dump the equivalent weight of a family bag of sugar, a domestic toaster or seven chicken wings! These weight savings can be even greater, if comparing a Trig stack with older legacy equipment. A Trig stack also allows you to be more creative with your panel, accommodating other avionics more readily.

The stack bundle is currently available for $ 11, 843 ex tax (list price as of 2023)

Order yours soon from your Approved Trig Dealer to maximise on savings.

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