Save money with our TY96 summer promotion

June 28, 2018

Summer is here, and pilots are taking every opportunity to fly!

There are just months left until all aircraft need to be 8.33kHz equipped, to legally access 8.33 airspace across Europe. Trig has reduced the price of its TY96 stack VHF radio by £150 in a summer promotional deal. A TY96 now costs £ 1,745 (list price / Numerous airfields are now 8.33 active, so purchasing a Trig TY96 radio makes sense, avoiding red faces and a potential fine!

Trig Marketing Manager Jon Roper said, “This is a time limited summer promotion, we want to encourage pilots to equip with 8.33 and to fit Trig. It would be best to avoid leaving things to the last minute, happily our network of Approved Trig Dealers are ready to help customers get equipped.”

The TY96 has become Europe’s favourite 8.33 stack radio. The slimline case is only 33mm high, taking less space in the stack. The TY96 is lighter and more compact than alternatives and requires no cooling fans. The radio is packed with pilot friendly features which customers really appreciate. The TY96 has a clear display, is faster to tune with Trig’s unique ‘Push Step’ capability and includes Dual Watch for monitoring two frequencies at the same time. Jon Roper added, “Pilots really like the configurable USB database and the ‘Say Again’ feature which allows the replay of the previous received transmission. The stereo radio also has a built in two place intercom and support for music.”