Trig the perfect partner for light aviation

If you’re a light sport pilot then your choice of aircraft, either kit or factory produced is breath taking! The growth in this sector of aviation is significant – bringing with it the advantage of lower cost and lighter regulation.

New designs in the light sport or LSA class and microlight class all have a common focus – achieving the most effective use of space and weight. Across all these aircraft types Trig remains the ideal avionics equipment. Trig provides the greatest flexibility of installation, saving valuable panel space and weight, in fact Trig might be the only way of accommodating your preferred instrument fit of associated equipment.

Our TT21 and TT22 transponders are the world’s smallest Mode S devices, certified and ADS-B Out capable too. Trig products are better by design – the transponder controller even has a built in altitude encoder, saving additional space and weight. Our TY91 VHF radio is the matching 25/8.33 kHz Comm, equally compact as the TT21 and has a built in two place intercom.

The TN72 GPS Position Source (with GPS antenna) is quickly becoming a standard fit for a Trig transponder. This is a highly affordable way to become ADS-B Out equipped – making your aircraft visible to ADS-B In equipped aircraft. This equipment significantly improves pilot and passenger safety, reducing the risk of collision, particularly in VFR airspace.

Keeping things simple

One benefit of LSA and microlight types is the freedom to do your own installation. Our warranty is ideal for homebuilders, it starts on the date of installation not purchase. We also provide comprehensive installation information which will help guide you through your avionics set up. You can even buy Trig products in stages to suit your build and budget.

All Trig products are easy to operate, providing the capabilities and performance you need, rather than features you don’t. Light Sport pilots who fly with Trig agree, you can focus on the important aspects of flight as operating our avionics is simple – just the way we designed it to be!

Most popular light aviation products

Compact Radio
Compact Radio - TY91 and TY92
Our compact VHF radios - saving space and highly capable.

Compact Transponder
Compact Transponder - TT21 and TT22
Our compact performers, efficient and space saving, Mode S and ADS-B capable.

TN72 GPS Receiver
TN72 GPS Receiver - TN72
Our TSO-C199 TABS GPS position source - the affordable route to be ADS-B Out

GPS Antenna - Certified
GPS Antenna - Certified - TA70
Our certified GPS antenna - the ideal choice for your Trig GPS position source