TC90 Service Bulletins for pilots

TC90 VHF Radio Control Head

Software versions run numerically, the higher the number the more recent the release – so the latest software will always include all the features of earlier versions.

08/12/2022        version 1.8 – Current software version

In software versions prior to version 1.8 the step size defaults to 25 kHz whenever the TC90 is switched on. Software version 1.8 remembers the step size, and restores whichever step size was selected (8.33 / 25 / 50) each time the controller is switched on.

26/08/2021        version 1.7

Introduces a fixed tuning mode in which the operator is constrained to only select frequencies from the tuning memory, rather than freely tuning any channel with the MHz and kHz knobs.  It is intended for fixed frequency applications such as dedicated air/ground communication links.

04/04/2018        version 1.6

Improves behaviour when connecting to compatible Garmin GPS products, to push frequencies to the standby channel.

28/02/2017         version 1.5

This update improves compatibility with third party devices such as the Dynon Skyview and Garmin G3X.

06/01/2015         version 1.4

This adds Dual Control functionality – the ability to control a TY91 or TY92 radio with two TC90 control heads in tandem aircraft or gliders.

05/05/2015         version 1.3

Addition of self clearing warning messages and configurable microphone gain control. Please note these features require the associated TY91 / TY92 radio software to be updated to version 1.5 or higher