Repair FAQ’s

My transponder does not work?

All our transponders have self diagnostic capabilities. The unit can generate error messages which can help identify a potential problem.

If you see any error messages you should contact your Approved Trig Dealer.

If you have no error message but still suspect that the unit is faulty then you should contact your Approved Trig Dealer or Trig Service Centre.

My radio does not appear to work?

If you think that your Trig radio is not working it’s worth double checking that all power, audio and antenna connections are correct. If you have a specific problem with your installation, contact either your local dealer or Trig Service Centre  with details of your fault and any investigation carried out so far.

How do I get my Trig product repaired?

Trig provides worldwide support, in the first instance contact your Approved Trig Dealer. To make this process more efficient it would help to have the following information:

  • Make a note of any error message or fault code if the unit displays one.
  • Detail of any investigation carried out so far. i.e fault confirmation  with bench test or swap out.
  • Please provide your product serial number.

If you are unsure how to proceed then you can contact Trig Support direct. We can advise on accessing a repair.

Please always consult your Approved Trig Dealer or Trig Support first before returning your avionics, as this can lead to unnecessary shipping expense when a fault may not be present.

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