T-28 Trojan Phlyers select Trig for 2020 ADS-B

April 2, 2019

The unmistakable and distinctive growl of the North American T-28 Trojan is a favourite sight and sound at airshows.

Proudly keeping this famous aircraft in flight is the Trojan Phlyers Flight Demonstration Team. The team has selected Trig Avionics as their ADS-B and VHF avionics of choice.

Ex-military F16 combat vetran Chip Lamb is the Trojan Phlyers team leader. Chip Lamb said, “The whole team here in Texas is impressed by the quality and capabilities of Trig’s compact and certified avionics. Each Trojan will be fitted with a TT22 transponder and TN72 GPS position source – as a result we will be ADS-B Out capable. Trig’s ADS-B solution looks great in the panel, improves our flight safety and will enable fans to monitor our flights, as we display across the country.”

As a sponsor of the National Warbird Operators’ Conference, Chip Lamb is happy to endorse Trig to other pilots. “At our national conference I was pleased to share my positive experience with other aircraft operators. To find such a neat ADS-B Out certified solution in one box for $ 2,899 is a great deal, list” Like any owner of a vintage type Chip is extremely keen to keep the cockpit panel as faithful as he can to the original. Chip added, “the Trig controllers are compact, using a 2 ¼” round hole, the finish is matt black, and they look great alongside existing gauges.” The team has also decided to fit the matching Trig TY91 compact radio which is also easy to fit, requiring minimal space and keeps a consistent look.

Trig ADS-B solutions are available for all pilots looking for a 2020 solution. The TN72 GPS position source meets ADS-B rule FAR 91.227. It can be used with a TT22 or TT31 transponder in experimental, light-sport and homebuild aircraft to meet the 2020 mandate. Trig’s TN72 is highly affordable, costing just $ 380 list

Trig offers two antenna options, the TA70 is a conventional puck GPS type or the latest TA50 compact GPS antenna. For Part 23 certified types Trig has a TSO-C145 GPS called the TN70. A free STC for over 650 aircraft types makes installation simple, when using a suitable Trig transponder.

Trig is supporting the Trojan Phlyers – a core team of ten pilots work tirelessly to maintain and operate these two historic T-28 aircraft. The Trojan was one of the last piston engine aircraft to see service in the U.S. military, both in training and combat roles. Over 1,900 Trojan’s were built and operated by 28 countries around the world. The Trojan Phlyers can be seen at displays across the summer, as a salute to T-28 veterans past and present. For more details visit and