Trig announce the sponsorship of Europe’s premier aerobatic pair the Trig Aerobatic Team

January 12, 2012

An exciting sponsorship collaboration with the acclaimed Pitts Pair Aerobatic Display Team has just been announced.

The Trig Aerobatic Team will fly their liveried Pitts Special S-1D biplanes at air shows and fly-in events across Europe. Richard Grace, son of celebrated Spitfire display pilots Carolyn and Nick Grace, flies with team mate Dave Puleston. The pair promise to delight crowds with a routine to match their new look Trig branded aircraft. Richard said, “We are really excited to have the support of Trig Avionics who recognise the value of general aviation and are passionate about flying”, “Our aircraft are particularly significant, private pilots can learn aerobatics in a Pitts aircraft, so the Trig Aerobatic Team will act as a genuine inspiration to others to take to the skies”.

Both aircraft will be equipped with Trig TT22 Mode S transponders. Small and compact, these avionics are perfectly suited to the Pitts and well proven in this tough environment where Richard and Dave routinely pull gravitational forces of +6G. Dave Puleston admits that the teams outside negative G manoeuvres which subject man and machine to -4G “are not the easiest of aerobatic display figures after lunch”.

Andy Davis, CEO at Trig said “We are pleased to support Richard and Dave, it’s clear that their professionalism and pursuit of first class aerobatic display flying mirrors Trig’s own desire to provide all pilots with the best quality and affordable avionics to enhance flight safety and flying pleasure”.

Pilots will be able to follow the team’s progress throughout the season on Richard and Dave’s exclusive Trig Aerobatic Team blog, details of the teams shows will be confirmed via the Trig web site in the near future