Trig Avionics new U.S. Service Center is open for business

March 26, 2013

Trig Avionics the UK based avionics company is pleased to announce that their new U.S. Service Center is now open for business.

Andy Davis CEO at Trig said, “As we expand in the U.S. it’s vital that we continue to provide our customers with the best after sales support. We’ve established a new partnership with Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics; from today they will provide full Trig technical support and repair capabilities. Both Trig and Mid-Continent share the same commitment to provide a first class service to every Trig customer.”

There are now 102 Approved Trig Dealers in the U.S. all offering Trig’s popular TT31, TT21 and TT22 series of ADS-B capable 1090ES transponders. Joining the Trig range are new compact VHF radios, the TY91 and TY92.

The Mid-Continent team welcome this partnership, Tom Genovese, Director of Sales said, “This is an exciting development for both companies, our skilled technical team have received extensive training and are very impressed with the Trig product range. Trig’s certified transponders and radios are well specified and should appeal to aircraft owners who are looking for quality and future proof technology that also provides great value. We are looking forward to helping new and existing customers at our Wichita facility in Kansas. Like Trig UK, our commitment is to turn around Trig repairs in 5 days or less. We can also provide service exchange capabilities via the Approved Trig Dealer community. This means Trig customers can avoid an AOG, ‘aircraft on ground’ situation -continuing to operate when a repair is required.”