Trig Avionics, serving the U.S. warbird community

February 12, 2020

Trig Avionics is honouring veterans past and present by helping keep vintage warbirds in the air.

Trig’s affordable ADS-B bundle, containing a TT22 Mode S transponder, TN72 GPS position source and antenna are ideal for warbird operators. These avionics meet the 2020 ADS-B mandate for experimental aircraft, allowing display teams, like the Texas based Trojan Phlyers to transit through ADS-B rule airspace.

Trojan Phlyers operate two North American T-28 Trojans. Each of these aircraft are ADS-B Out equipped, using Trig’s light weight and compact certified avionics. Team leader Chip Lamb said, “We’ve been flying with Trig transponders and radios throughout the 2019 display season. Trig equipment was easy to install, has an excellent user interface and looks great in a military panel.”

Trig Avionics Marketing Manager, Jon Roper and Trojan Phlyers demonstration pilots, Chip Lamb and Robert Johnson, will be attending the annual National Warbird Operators Conference in Mobile, Alabama between 13th-16th February.

Jon Roper said, “I’m looking forward to attending NWOC, Trig will be on hand to meet warbird aircraft owners who are looking for avionics that provide the best mix of quality, features and value. As a company we have become the avionics of choice in many classic aircraft including; the P-51, B-17, Spitfire and of course the T-28 Trojan.”

Many warbirds operate as ‘experimental’ aircraft, Trig’s TN72 ADS-B bundle is suitable for any experimental or light-sport aircraft to become 2020 compliant. It is a highly cost-effective package that contains the TT22 Mode S 1090ES transponder, a TN72 GPS Position Source and a GPS antenna called the TA70. The Trig TN72 ADS-B bundle costs $2,999 dollars (list price and is available through Trig’s Approved Dealer network. Trig also offer a matching certified compact VHF radio called the TY91 for $ 1,461 (list price

Chip Lamb added, “It’s good to have Trig Avionics at NWOC, they are co-sponsors of NWOC’s guest speaker Colonel Joseph Kittinger II, USAF retired. He is a true American hero, and will be joining the Trojan Phlyers, signing his autobiography at NWOC.” In 1960 Colonel Kittinger set the record for the world’s highest skydive, from a height of 19 miles. Later in life, he participated in the Red Bull Stratos project at the age of 84. He helped direct Felix Baumgartner’s successful record-breaking freefall jump of 25 miles in 2014, working as capsule communicator.

Jon Roper said, “Attendees to NWOC are welcome to visit the Trig display in the conference exhibition area, this will be located next to the Trojan Phlyers stand.”