New compatibility announced at SSA

February 23, 2023

Soaring pilots around the world share an amazing sport, they also share the challenge of flying sophisticated sailplanes with minimal panel space.

Two leading avionics companies, popular in soaring will be promoting product compatibility to maximise instrument panel space at the Soaring Society of America Convention in Reno this week.

Trig Avionics manufactures the TT22 Mode S and ADS-B Out capable transponder and matching TY91 certified radio, popular in U.S. sailplanes. German based AIR Avionics produce the ACD-57, this is a compact controller with a hi-resolution colour display. The ACD-57 controller features a built-in certified altimeter, frequency database and is now compatible with Trig’s back box hardware.

Marketing Managers, Jon Roper of Trig and Marc Förderer of AIR recognise that this is a combination that high-performance soaring pilots will appreciate.

Jon Roper said, “Trig and AIR Avionics recognise that soaring pilots want to harness the benefits of these avionics together. Trig avionics hardware uses remote boxes that can be installed away from the panel.” Customers will be able to save space using the ACD-57 to control Trig equipment. Marc Förderer said, “I think the benefits of this hardware collaboration will be particularly welcome in the U.S. Soaring community – with Trig’s transponder and VHF matched with our colour, space efficient ACD-57 controller design.”

Pilots will be able to integrate Trig and AIR equipment, purchasing Trig from Approved Trig Dealers and the ACD-57 from the AIR Avionics online store. Full installation information, supporting software and compatible installation cables for the ACD-57 are available from AIR.

In the US experimental sailplane pilots attending the SSA are becoming ADS-B Out compliant by adding a Trig TN72 GPS Position Source to their TT22 transponder. The TN72 is an affordable upgrade (list price is $493 ex tax). This equipment combination is popular amongst soaring pilots who want to be visible to GA aircraft, and safer as a result. The TN72 can also be used in certified gliders wanting a ‘voluntary’ installation, for non 2020 ADS-B airspace.

Delegates visiting the SSA Convention will be able to see both Air Avionics and Trig products on display in the exhibition hall and meet Jon Roper & Marc Förderer.