Trig launches an exciting upgrade to its TT31

February 24, 2014

Trig Avionics, the company behind the world’s most efficient retro-fit TT31 transponder is pleased to announce an exciting upgrade to this class leading product.

The TT31 is already established as the leading ‘plug and play’ replacement for the popular KT76A. A TT31 installation is quicker than competing transponders, saving customers both time and money.

From March 2014 all TT31 units will feature new TIS traffic compatibility with panel mounted third party displays. Traffic Information Services are provided by the FAA and are used by pilots in the U.S.

Further hardware changes to the TT31 provide improved installation flexibility. Serial ports on the transponder can now be configured to integrate easily with other avionics. This upgrade enables installers to match the TT31 with associated equipment with the least disruption, avoiding or reducing re-wiring and making the TT31 even better value.  Additional installation benefits include the capacity to fit a compliant ADS-B Out solution, whilst retaining the original tray. Previously this demanded the installation of a Trig tray for WAAS GPS wiring.

Not only will the upgraded TT31 save installation time, but the list price has been reduced by £140, so Trig customers can save money on their purchase which is now even better value.

Andy Davis CEO at Trig said “The TT31 offers great performance and capability in an easy to use package. With the widest compatibility with third party avionics the TT31 remains the undisputed champion of the avionics stack. I’m delighted to confirm that we are able to offer the TT31 at a lower price too which makes the upgraded TT31 an even more attractive option.

These enhancements provide customers with proof of Trig’s smart, affordable and future proof avionics. The TT31 will ship with software version 3.10, providing minor enhancements as part of Trig’s ongoing policy of product improvement. Customers who purchased their TT31 unit recently will also be able to access these enhancements with a software upgrade. Software upgrades need to be made via a qualified Approved Trig Dealer; new 3.10 software will be released to coincide with the March release of the upgraded TT31.