Trig cuts the cost of 2020 compliance for thousands of GA pilots

September 19, 2014

Trig Avionics is pleased to announce FAA STC approval of its TT31 transponder with Garmin’s GNS 400W and 500W series of GPS navigators.

Now thousands of aircraft owners in the U.S. have a remarkably cost effective way to become ADS-B Out compliant, using their existing GPS with a TT31 transponder.

Trig’s TT31 transponder is already established as the easiest ‘plug and play’ retro-fit for the KT76A and KT78A – but it’s also ADS-B Out capable too. This new STC makes the TT31 a logical choice for aircraft owners who already own a Garmin navigator.

Trig CEO Andy Davis said “There are many U.S. aircraft that have a Garmin 430W or 530W installed. Our ADS-B STC shows how practical and affordable a compliant ADS-B Out solution can be when matched with our Trig TT31 transponder using version 3.13 software.”

Peregrine of Denver are Trig’s STC partner – CEO David Rankin ran the flight test program, conducting the validation of the TT31 transponder and 400W / 500W series GPS equipment. David said, “The install of Trig equipment was very easy. The TT31 used the existing aircraft transponder antenna, this is a really attractive retro-fit option. For ADS-B Out we installed a Trig tray, the set up and integration with the 430W WAAS GPS was straight forward. I’m certain this equipment combination will have a broad appeal as pilots want to meet the ADS-B mandate with the minimum expense. Trig’s TT31 matched with an existing 430W or 530W makes compliance totally practical.”

Trig’s STC covers a wide range of aircraft types and for those types not currently listed the FAA allows local Field Approval. Andy Davis said, “Trig products combine great features and performance and the TT31 is no exception. With a list price of $3,206 aircraft owners should look seriously at our solution, it really stacks up as a compelling way to become 2020 ready.”

Trig has a comprehensive dealer network in North America, with a Trig Approved Service Center at  Witchita, Kansas. Trig are also partners with the NextGen GA Fund. This provides customers with access to a comprehensive loan scheme – specifically designed to help GA aircraft owners pay for their ADS-B equipment and related install.

Pilots looking for this appealing solution should contact their Approved Trig Dealer via and can find out more about funding at the NextGen website