Trojan Phylers – reaching new heights in 2022

June 29, 2022

The Trojan Phlyers Flight Demonstration Team’s 2022 season has started in spectacular fashion. Securing the world’s largest air show stage – where they will fly the flag for Trig Avionics.

Team Leader Chip Lamb said, “We will be displaying our two T-28 Trojan warbirds at EAA Air Venture in July. We are honoured to have this opportunity, to excite the crowd and commemorate military aviators, both past and present. We are also grateful to Trig Avionics – as each T-28 uses Trig VHF radios, transponders and ADS-B Out technology. Communication and electronic surveillance are all important in contributing to the safety of our team’s flight operations.”

The T-28 Trojan served with distinction as a military trainer, it was also commissioned as a ground attack aircraft in Vietnam. The Trojan Phlyers display is a breath-taking mix of finesse, control and power. Chip and wingman Robert Johnson fly a tight, close pairs formation. They harness 1,425hp from each T-28’s Wright Cyclone radial engine, providing a dramatic, growling, aerobatic smoke-filled sequence.

Operating these vintage warbirds takes dedication and commitment from a number of volunteers. Based in Texas, the pre-season preparations this year involved a complete engine change. Also installed were a pair of Trig TY97A stack VHF radios. Chip explained, “Each T-28 now benefits from a new slimline 16-Watt stack radio, the TY97A. It is great to have extra communication options and redundancy from this high-power radio. We have flown with Trig compact radios for over three years, and we have been genuinely impressed. I have no reservations in recommending Trig equipment to fellow warbird operators and general aviation pilots alike, as they say Trig really is Better by Design.”

Chip Lamb has recently been focusing his expertise and knowledge back into the warbird community via Trojan Aviation Services and Training, LLC or known as Chip’s Flying Circus. Chip offers T-28 ground and flight training, including aerobatic and air show flying training and display validation. Chip said, “It’s highly rewarding to coach students and develop a safer and stronger warbird community. Today we have 20 graduates who have successfully completed the ground training course and are on their way to piloting their own T28.”

Look out for Chip and Robert, who will be taking part in Air Venture on Tuesday the 26th and Thursday the 28th of July. Their grey USAF and US Marines liveried Trojan’s both sport Trig logos on the cowling.